Icebug Women’s Grove W Michelin WIC Winter Boot



RubberGrove W BUGrip is an attractive winter boot that works for most activities. The 14 BUGrip studs ensure you don??t slip on the snow or ice, and the zip on the side makes it easy to use. Together with the soft memory foam insole, it is a perfect winter boot for women who want both function and style. A new future Icebug classic? With its slimming appearance and wicked grip under the sole, Grove W BUGrip has every chance of ending up high on the list of popular models.For what: Everyday life in the town or countryWhy we made the shoe: There wasn??t an attractive shoe with a high shaft that was easy to put on and take off, with a wicked grip. The result was Grove.14 BUGrip carbide steel studs. Long zip on the side of the foot. Memory foam.


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